Friday, November 18, 2005

Perfect Feet

Those who know me are aware that I have a fondness for women’s feet. I was asked recently what I thought perfect feet were so I will share my opinion here.

First let me say that women’s feet are as beautiful and important as any other part of a woman’s body. I personally pay as much attention to them as I do a woman’s hands. Sadly, though, feet are terribly neglected and often horribly abused. I don’t know why feet have been relegated to second-class status especially when they can be so attractive, and even sexy!

Often, women only think about their feet when summer rolls around, and they start thinking about wearing sandals. Sometimes women think of their feet only after years of abuse has caused foot pain. Women, and foot lovers like me would all be much happier if women would consider and care for their feet all year-round.

What makes Perfect Feet?

  1. No toenail paint -- clear or “French” are okay.
  2. Trimmed toenails.
  3. Straight toes -- no crushed, deformed or bent toes
  4. No…
    1. bunions
    2. calluses
    3. hammer toes
    4. blisters
    5. bunions
    6. red rub-marks
    7. toe-nail fungus
    8. corns
    9. dry cracked skin

Simply refusing to wear ill-fitting shoes can easily attain nearly every item on the list above!!

Toe Length:

As far as toe length goes, I pretty much think anything is cool. My personal favorite is “Roman Toes” in which the second toe is longer than the big-toe. The only toe length I find less than attractive is really short toes of about the same length.

Foot Size:

I don’t much care low big a woman’s feet are – in fact, long feet and toes are pretty sexy, but small delicate feet are great too!

Foot Smell:

Fresh clean feet are sexy. I think a mild foot smell is okay and kinda sexy too. I don’t much care for really stinky feet.

A Rant about Toenail Paint:

Note about my choice of terminology: I don’t say “nail polish” because that’s a false term. “Polish” does not change the color of the item it is applied to. Polish applies a clear protective coating. I am making an effort to call “nail polish” what it really is… “Toenail paint”. Even the manufacturers of the product are now calling it “nail color”.

As you’ve probably already divined, I don’t like toenail paint. I’ve given this some thought, and I think it boils down to personal taste. I tend to prefer it when women wear a minimum of makeup on their face. I’m sure at the point when I say “yuck, too much!” other people look at that same face and say “perfect!”

I have a tremendous appreciation for women’s feet, and for me seeing them without toenail paint makes them even more natural and beautiful. It allows me to appreciate every tiny curve and subtle change of skin-tone without having a red-flashing light (toenail paint) distracting me from the subtle beauty. And when there is toenail paint, it’s never applied perfectly, so my eyes immediately go to the “overspray” areas where the paint is on the cuticles or on the sides of the nail bed, or I notice the chips and other imperfections in the paint-job.

Women also are very prone to abusing their feet by cramming them into ill-fitting shoes. This deforms the shape of the toes and toenails over time. Toenail paint, especially the dark colors, does nothing but emphasize the deformed nail shape. And that’s not a pretty sight.

A few years back, I conducted a massive Internet survey of men and their opinions about toenail paint. Although the exact numbers aren’t in front of me, I can say that about 80% of men strongly preferred clear, beige colored paint, or no paint at all. Only about 10% of men strongly preferred red toenail paint. About 2% liked black. So if women are doing this to get positive attention from men, they’re not succeeding.

I firmly believe that many women don’t care much about what men want or like, and instead decorate themselves in some effort to “feel better about themselves” or perhaps to compete with other women.

A gal I know told me that when she's at the salon, and they finish her pedicure, they always ask her to pick a “color” – as if toenail paint was a mandatory part of a pedicure. Why do the salon people ask that? Why is it so hard for the customer to say “No color, thank you.”, or “Clear, please”.

Maybe it’s like going to a fast-food restaurant and ordering a burger. If they didn’t ask, “Do you want fries with that?” you probably wouldn’t order fries.

I don’t think many women wear toenail paint to cover flaws. Although on rare occasion you’ll see a woman wearing toenail-paint on her toenail fungus infected toenails with hideous results. Yuck!

I think many women get toenail-paint because it DOES attract attention to their feet. The problem, in my opinion, is that it is a kind of “blind attention”. I’ve noticed that it’s often the women who have really trashed feet who are the ones who most often wear toenail-paint – and they often wear the most “attention getting” colors. Why draw attention to feet that are in such sad shape -- feet that are so hard to look at? Can’t these women tell that they’re drawing attention to their unfortunate collection of bunions, blusters, corns and calluses? These women seem blind to this ironic “drawing attention to something they should be hiding” effect. It’s like a person with a huge mole on their face getting a tattoo near the mole that says “Hey! Look at my huge mole!”

I think some women feel that toenail-paint “dresses up” their feet. I think they just don’t realize that women’s feet are subtle, natural, and amazingly beautiful things ALREADY, and painting their toes overwhelms the delicate beauty they already possess.

The sad irony is that when women discover that many men just love their feet, they think “Oh! I had better pay some attention to my feet then!” and instead of giving their feet the attention their feet really need (like healing corns, removing calluses and buying shoes that don’t crush their toes), they start wearing shoes that are too-small (CAUSING corns and calluses) and wearing “attention getting” toenail-paint (which does nothing but ACCENTUATE the flaws in their feet).

I guess what I’m saying, in all of this, is that I think women’s feet are stunningly beautiful – just the way they are naturally. I appreciate the natural beauty of a woman’s foot, the more natural and un-abused the better. When women wear toenail paint, in my opinion, they are “gilding the lily” and in the process, diminishing the beauty.

"Thank You!" to all off the beautiful women who show off their gorgeous natural, and perfect feet -- you bring me pleasure every day!

Photo Gallery of Perfect Feet

Here are 20 of my favorite pictures of beautiful women's feet. Enjoy!

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Blogger Klem said...

I never knew that feet could generate so many words. Are you going to reveal the identity of the feet in the photo?

1:33 PM  
Blogger Sam said...


I don't know who the foot-model is. I scanned her feet from a catalog that arrived in the mail.

She does have nice feet!

- Sam

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you Sam. I have spent 20 minutes online( only to find porn sites, until i found yours) trying to find out how to better my foot knowledge. My boyfriend shares your fetish and I want to improve my understanding of it. you blog helped me out a lot. I will never wear painted colours again. I don't like them, you have shed some light. Do you have any other sites that would help me?

10:09 PM  
Blogger James said...

Very insightful blog. I love women's feet, but had never really thought about all the things that made them beautiful. I have to agree on the nail color. Natural is the way.

10:02 PM  
Blogger LastC5 said...

Hi Sam,

This is a great website!! I have been an admirer of the female foot since I was ten years old and that has been a while. I have always had very high standards as to what I like in them, though.
1-They must be reasonably small. Big feet are for men.
2-They must be well pedicured and extremely clean. The nails must be reasonably short. Long toenails are for old folks.
3-They must be soft. Hard or rough feet are for old folks, too. This is a younger woman's game here.
4-I can tolerate nail polish but it must be light pink or the whitish/silverish type only. No reds or dark colors. They make the nails look HUGE. Gross!
5-And, finally, I love short toes. They should be tapered starting at the big toe with it being the longest and then graduating in small amounts down to the little toe. It is OK for the little toe to be shorter in comparison to the others in tapering because, well, it's the LITTLE toe!

Now, let me say that over the many years I have observed female feet, I have seen very few that fit my criteria for the perfect woman's foot but I will assure you I do remember the ones I have seen very well because they are so rare. There haven't been many.

And, finally, I have seen one pair of perfect female feet on this site. They are the fourth set down in the gallery. The young lady who owns them is lying on her side. These are absolutely beautiful. They appear to be so soft, so small, so clean, very well tapered with the second toe being shorter than the big one. Her toes are short and oh so sexy.
Sam, do you have any idea who she is? That young lady is to be congratulated on one set of the very few sets of perfect feet I have ever seen. Thank you. It was a true pleasure admiring them.

4:54 PM  
Blogger Lil'Lonnie said...

I think you're right and would like to thank you.Ever thought of making videos of womens' sexy feet?

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I'm a woman and I've been so very self-conscious about my feet since I was 19 (I'm 25 now) because my boyfriend at the time said I had such ugly feet for a pretty girl. None of my later boyfriends could convince me that my feet weren't ugly. I scrolled through your pics of perfect feet and mine look just like the fourth ones down! yay, vindication!! I don't have to hide my feet anymore. Free at last! LOL

4:21 PM  
Blogger inkahmessiah said...

well i share this fetish too..for me personally i have nothing against toenail long as the colour is not disturbing..any attractive colour would do..but sometimes even wen its clear..its soooooooo attractive then 19 years old..and i have this fetish since am 10..i realised it at 15...loll
well my gf is the only other person who knows about my fetish and am real lucky she understands me and loves to do me am very much satisfied..hail c ya

2:59 AM  
Blogger werty said...

Real perfection?

Take a look

12:45 PM  
Blogger Lil'Lonnie said...

I wish I knew why I like women's sext feet,and why I like to lick them and suck on their sexy toes.I also like women to do stuff with their sexy feet you probably wouldn't want to know,like massaging my cock with their toes.Like I said before I agree with you 100%.But I like;

~Women's toenails in all colors.

~Women's toes small enough to fit all toes on one foot in my mouth, or at least three toes.

~Soft soles-no ash or dead skin.

~Long or short toes.

~Women's feet in any sizes smaller than an 10 and 1/2.

~Flexible toes.

~and when I'm licking a women's foot,I like them to move their toes around A LOT.

I personally think the toes are the best part of women's feet.They taste so good and feels great in my mouth.Yeah I like sliding my tongue up and down the soles(women only of course)and heels of their sexy feet(the women).But I like the toes even better.Licking around and between them,hearing the lady say ''Oh that feels good.'' ,and sucking on them makes me feel sooooo good.Just seeing some sexy women feet makes my cock go on hard really quick.Women's feet are sexier than sexy-they're- magnificently sexy.

10:59 AM  
Blogger coffeeSeed said...

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1:54 AM  
Blogger Pixie said...

My man only likes painted toes. I can't leave my toes unpainted for more than an hour. But i'm constantly fixing chiped paint, scrubbing my soles, and moisturizing. My feet are really soft, but always painted maroon... I'm a red head and it matches my skin well.

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SIXSTH set down in the gallery!

7:33 AM  
Blogger Panther81 said...

Thank you for definitively addressing the "toe paint" issue! If a woman's feet are properly taken care of, they really don't need to be dressed-up much at all. It like women who wear a transforming amount of make-up; there could be something quite attractive under there but we'll never really know... Go with the natural look. Don't make your feet the "freak show" of your body. And yes, women's feet can be incredibly sexy. I consider them to be appetizers to something really great to come. Holding them, rubbing them, placing the soles against the side of your face, pressing the soles against your bare chest while she gently digs her toes into your chest, placing the soles tightly over your ears during sex can provide an amazing sensation. The pleasure women receive from such attention to their feet can produce incredibly pleasurable payoffs that many men (and women) have never even considered. Get 'on board' with that and you can open-up a whole new "happy zone".

6:39 AM  
Blogger Sandie10001000 said...

Dear Sam,
Thank you for creating such a wonderful and aesthetic blog for female-feet lovers. I invite you to visit my blog at It also has a mention of your blog.
Warm regards,

7:26 AM  
Blogger Tiger450 said...

Yeah Sam you are right women who have sexy feet shouldn't have to hide them under toenail-paint. If they wear it to much it actually changes the color of the natural nail and is a turn off. I am trying to get my girl to realize how much I detest toenail-paint but she always wants to compromise and use the so called pearl color...I can deal with clear I just love it when a woman has a natural look to her feet. Nice medium length toenails and I will even make sure her feet stay soft. Sexy feet make me want to give her massages so I can stare at them and they accent what I do to her in the bedroom, it plays a HUGE part in it, but alas I do so much to get her to see. She knows about my fetish and goes along with it I just want her to lose the toenail-paint or just stick with clear if she must have it.

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all photo's are of stupid young girls which i hate, how about mature women 40 and older

5:32 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

40? Generally speaking few men today are interested in the feet of women over the hill my dear. Actually, girls over thirty are cast aside daily as rejects. There is nothing like soft, well shaped teen and 20 something feet.

5:19 PM  
Blogger Cheyenne Mickler said...

I just found this blog because I googled "what makes a foot beautiful"! Lol!
Anyways I'd like to thank who wrote this, this has cleared up much of my faulty thinking! I've always thought that I've had ugly feet because I stated that I thought I had pretty feet around my mother once when I was ten years old (I'm sixteen now) and she laughed and said "No you don't honey".
I'm not sure of this is a problem but I've never been able to form calluses in my life! As a result most people think my hands, feet, and other skin are "unusually" soft. My second toe is larger than my big toe and I don't think it's ugly. My only problem with my feet is the fact that I am almost completely flat footed. That has always bothered me.

4:28 PM  

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