Sunday, September 17, 2006

9/11 Mysteries -- A "must see" video

This film makes the case that the Twin Towers were destroyed by a controlled demolition that was planned well in advance and made billions of dollars for the co-conspirators. Unlike other films of this type, the evidence is very difficult to dispel. I was deeply impressed by the research undertook by the filmmakers into controlled demolition. You'll see how controlled demolition uses angular shaped charges to cut steel beams. You'll see how Thermite is used to melt steel. As the film shows, once you see the process used for controlled demolition, and you see the evidence of it in the towers, its very difficult to accept the "official" story.

I am beginning to believe that this entire thing was staged to create an enemy for the US, so that certain super-rich individuals and corporations could become even richer. It was nothing but greedy and thoroughly evil Americans killing innocent Americans to create personal wealth, con the US into an unjustified war, destroy civil liberties, and mold the word into the shape they prefer.

It's truly frightening.

Please, do yourself the favor of watching this amazing, intelligent, and well researched film. It will open your eyes.


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