Saturday, October 07, 2006

Know what a False Flag operation is?

Do you know what a False Flag operation is? It's when a country performs a terrorist act against their own people for political reasons. Some great examples are:
  • 1933. Hitler engineers the Reichstag fire to catapult the Nazi's to power
  • 1953. CIA Coup in Iran - Operation Ajax
  • 1964. Gulf of Tonkin Pretext
  • 1967. USS Liberty Attacked via presidential order as pretext to invade middle east
  • 1946 - 1963, NATO's Operation Gladio
What all of these operations have in common are:
  1. The government secretly arranges an act of terror or military attack staged to look like it was committed by soem other party.
  2. The "terrible act" give the goverment the pretext for military action and rolling back of civil liberties, press freedoms, and freedom of travel.
  3. The gullable populace buys into the staged attack, and supports the government's military actions and even supports the surrendering of their rights.
This fascinating 2 hour film, TerrorStorm by Alex Jones shows how this well known, factual, and fully documented system has been used through history by governments to manipulate their populace.

Does this sound like 9/11 ???

Please watch this film, and tell all of your friends and family to watch it. The people of the world must wake up to what's happening!


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