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Lookie What I Did!

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Vote Republican!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Car Runs on Water

This couldn't possibly be true... could it?

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The Fast Food Feed Bag

Good News!

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191 MPG... really!

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LOL Doggehs

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Government -- My Way

If I had my way, I would create a US government with the following priorities:

First Priority

Make sure every American citizen has:
  • plenty of healthy food to eat
  • clean safe water to drink
  • a warm dry place to sleep
  • free basic health care
  • free basic elder-care
  • world-class high-school and college education
  • access to a job that pays a living wage
  • opportunities to be of service to other Americans
  • a fair and reasonable system of taxation
Guarantee for all Americans:
  • protection of civil rights
  • a government and laws that are 100% religiously neutral -- where citizens are free to practice any belief system they choose (or none at all) with equal ease, opportunity, and access
Protect Americans from:
  • crime (but not victimless crime)
  • corporate greed
  • foreign invasion
  • terrorist attacks
Make America:
  • a good world citizen -- philanthropic, respected, and admired
  • thrive with a economy based on sustainable environmental practices
  • abundant with natural places and a healthy ecosystem
Guarantee that the government itself is:
  • an organization who's sole purpose is to assure the above listed items
  • honest with the American people
  • open about everything they do
  • influenced only by people, not by corporations, special interest groups, religious organizations, or lobbyists of any kind
  • small and efficient
  • run by real people, not by professional politicians
Second Priority

Only once Priority One above is complete, then the United States should, now having proven it's possible:
  • Offer to spread these values and benefits around the world, without violence, coercion, or pressure -- "leading by example".
Last Priority
  • Except to repel foreign invasion, war (police actions, "overthrowing dictators", invasions, or any other term for armed conflict with American citizens involved).
And, lastly... NEVER
  • Under penalty of severe punishment, involving the US in unnecessary wars or military action of any kind.