Thursday, April 27, 2006

Double-Slit Quantum Weirdness

This very well made video explains the double-slit experiment made famous by quantum physicists. This is very, VERY cool and highly weird!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

True Co-Worker Stories: 2 of 3

I used to work with a guy, let’s call him “Mike”, who had powerful and effective skills for making himself look good by making other employees look bad.

This principal technique was to avoid me all day, and wait until I was at lunch or at an offsite meeting, then he’d leave me dozens of voice-mail messages and urgent emails asking numerous questions. Then he’d forward his unanswered emails to the company owner claiming, “See, I tried to reach Sam dozens of times and he refuses to answer the critical questions. How am I supposed to move this project forward without his participation? Not much a team-player if you ask me.”

No matter how right I was, when I went to my boss and try to explain what was happening, I sounded whiny and pathetic. After months of this, sure enough the owner associated “unresponsive” with my name. Evil won out again.

A second technique Mike had mastered was confident making up of stuff combined with blatant lying. The boss would ask “Which of polymer is best for this job?” Without hesitation Mike would blurt out “ Polybutylene, of course.” Then the boss would look at me and ask, “What do you think, Sam?” And, foolishly, I’d answer with the truth, “I need to review the customer requirements and polymer characteristics, do a cost analysis, and get back to you.” Mike would respond with, “Isn’t this your area of expertise? Isn’t that what we pay you for?”

We’ll, about an hour later I’d return to him and the boss with the answer, which was Polyethylene. Mike would say “That’s the material I recommended! Why did you waste all of our time like that?” I responded with “You said Polybutylene, the correct answer is Polyethylene” Then he’d look me in the eye, and right in front of the boss he’d and say “By lying you’re only digging yourself a deeper hole.”

Mike was again successful 1) making me do all the work, 2) taking all the credit for my work, 3) making me look incompetent, 4) making himself seem valuable. Evil 2: Sam 0.

True Co-Worker Stories: 1 of 3

I worked with a woman who was the most impossible co-worker ever to crawl out of the depths of hell.

As hard as it might seem to believe, what follows is a TRUE STORY:

I had to talk to this co-worker because I discovered she was using an unauthorized material. I simply and politely asked her to use the correct material “Y” instead of the incorrect material “X”. Her response was “Look, if you think you’re so F*CKING smart, why don’t YOU do my F*CKING JOB”

I went to my boss to ask for advice. He simply told me to try again and be gentle with her, as she had been with the company 25 years. The second time I tried she yelled at me, burst into tears, jumped into the bosses office yelling “Why did you hire this A**HOLE, he’s impossible to work with! I QUIT!!” then she got in her car, and skidded out of the parking lot smoking her tires. Mysteriously, she was back to work the next day.

Well, after weeks of work, we finally got her to switch the material. I went to her and said, “Thanks, you did a good job with that material replacement.” Her response was “Are you telling me that everything else I’ve done is crap?” “What do you mean?” “Well, the only thing I’ve ever done that you’ve praised is this, so that means that everything else I’ve ever done his is crap in your opinion! I don’t appreciate you criticizing practically everything I do here!”

It was literally impossible to say anything to her without her flying off the handle, refusing to do the work, and/or complaining to the boss. And, for whatever reason she could not be fired no matter what she did.

From that point I avoided her like she had the bubonic plague. Then a few weeks later my boss called me in to scold me. Apparently she’d complained to him that “People refused to work with her or even talk to her because she was a woman working in a man’s office.” And my boss had decided that somehow this was my fault, and he dictated that I would be the guy who’s job it was to forge friendly relations with her.

Friends, if you ever wonder how terrible Hell could be, I know from first-hand experience!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fox News Security

Could this possibly be legal?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Flying Car

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bush's Imagine

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sam's Tahoe Commercials

Commercial 1

Commercial 2

Commercial 3

I forgot to add music to the first two. Oh well. I still laughed my ass off anyway!